WFTO Fair Trade Model

The World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) constantly strives for innovative ways to make Fair Trade work for all producers, especially the economically marginalized producers in the South. The diversity of producers engaged in various products and production processes demands a robust Fair Trade system that gives them greater market recognition and credibility through an international guarantee system and brand.

Importers, wholesalers and retailers, too, benefit from our model. Our Guarantee System is a dynamic tool designed for all types of trading organizations. Businesses gain added-value to their brands and organization while helping realize the goals of Fair Trade.  For more information about WFTO membership processes including how to join, please visit

WFTO Guarantee Systems (GS)

To ensure that members are on the right track, WFTO maintains a high Fair Trade standard implemented through the Guarantee System. Members are obligated to comply with the criteria of WFTO Standard and follow a Code of Practice in order to ensure that the WFTO Principles are consistently in place in their daily operations. WFTO insists on continuous improvement over time to encourage members to achieve the best Fair Trade practices.

For more information about the WFTO  Standard and Guarantee System, visit