While WFTO Africa and Middle East can assure that all member products are made to be of the best quality with attention to detail, WFTO is mainly providing a “One-Stop” shopping experience and will not be held liable for any failure or omission of delivery.

Payment and delivery of every product ordered here will be the responsibility between the shopper and the producer.

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A Guaranteed WFTO member adheres to the highest ethical requirements. WFTO members are fully verified as Fair Trade plus social enterprise. They have been peer reviewed and independently audited, along with their Fair Trade suppliers. This means:


PRODUCT: the products you are getting are made in compliance with the 10 Principles of Fair Trade, which covers human and labour rights, as well as the buying and management processes that enable this.


COMPANY: the company you are buying from is verified as a mission-led social enterprise that puts people and planet first. In particular, they have the interests of workers and artisans as their top priority and reinvest profits to pursue their social mission.


WORKERS: the company you are working with is committed to achieving a living wage for all workers and artisans involved in producing the product.


WOMEN’S EMPOWERMENT: you contribute to women’s empowerment as the majority of leaders of WFTO members are women, including the majority of CEOs, board members and senior managers.


COMMUNITY: you are buying from a social enterprise that is verified to support their local community.

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