Domestic Fair Trade Project

The Domestic Fair Trade Project (2018-2020) is a pilot project that seeks to establish premise for the promotion of Fair Trade and consumption of Fair Trade products in the local/domestic market. Implemented in both Kenya and South Africa, the project acknowledges the critical issue of low level of awareness on Fair Trade in the Global South compared to the Global North, in spite of the fact that the Global South is the home for the bulk of Fair Trade products that are sold and consumed in the Global North, and the need to begin to bring about gradual change. A key window for this potential change is the growing middle class in a number of cities in the Global South and the emerging adaptation of sustain bale consumption and lifestyles, the need to harness the potential impact of Fair Trade and to build a coalition for support. The Project’s specific objectives include campaign aimed at promoting Fair Trade, establishment of consortiums of Fair Trade producers and building of broad coalition of CSO, churches and Fair Trade organizations support Fair Trade.