World Fair Trade Organization Africa and the Middle East (WFTO Africa & ME) is a non-profit network of Fair Trade producers in Africa and the Middle East, whose ongoing commitment to Fair Trade is monitored and verified under the WFTO Guaranteed Systems (GS). Founded in 2007, WFTO Africa & ME is also one of the 5 Regional Chapters of World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) – the global membership network of Fair Trade enterprises https://wfto.com/about-us. WFTO Africa & ME brings together over 80 WFTO members – entrepreneurs, artisans, cooperatives, farmers and support organizations – across over 20 countries in the region that are fully committed to Fair Trade. WFTO together with all the Regional Chapters has a single membership process that requires organizations interested in becoming members of this global Fair Trade network to be able to demonstrate compliance with WFTO Fair Trade Standard. The standard looks at every aspect of a business and confirms whether it is truly a Fair Trade Enterprise. Guaranteed WFTO members use the WFTO label to tell consumers, customers and their communities about their identity as a verified Fair Trade enterprise.
For more information about WFTO global, please log onto https://wfto.com.https://wfto.com

A world in which trade structures and practices have been transformed to work in favor of the poor and promote sustainable development and justice in Africa and the Middle East.

WFTO AFRICA & ME will facilitate in strengthening organizational structures and trade practices in alignment with fair trade values and principles to advance members towards successful, sustainable organizations.

In delivering the vision and mission of WFTO AFRICAME, the organization will use following strategic goals:

  • Credibility and Identity:  WFTO Africa & ME, guided by the WFTO principles, will provide guidance and advice to members in the Africa and Middle East region to facilitate the members credibility and international recognition through use of the product label, post the guarantee system process.
  • Learning: WFTO Africa & ME can provide an environment for sharing and learning that enables WFTO members and others to strengthen their Fair Trade practices.
  • Market Access: WFTO Africa & Me create market access opportunities for members through a credible Fair Trade Guarantee System. The market access goal is further delivered through gathering, packaging and dissemination of market and trend information, product development and design, participation in local, regional and international market fairs and facilitating buyer visits.
  • Voice: WFTO Africa & Me promotes and raises awareness of the Fair Trade model. Advocate for change on conventional trade platforms.
  • Capability: WFTO Africa & ME enhances organizational and institutional capacity to deliver value added services to its members
In carrying out its operational duties, WFTO Africa & ME prescribes to the following core values: Accountability WFTO Africa & ME leadership and employees commit to stay on track with their goals and to achieve success across the organization and to take responsibility for one’s own actions. Transparency WFTO Africa & ME commits to conduct its activities and business practices in an open manner and to making information available to stakeholders. Teamwork WFTO Africa & ME seeks to work well with people and in mutual respect for one another as essential tenets of organization’s success. Professionalism WFTO Africa & ME endeavors to build competence, knowledge, resourcefulness, quality, attitude, diligence, and cooperation related to work and services and that creates view of the organization.