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: MAINTAINING Membership
: PEER Visits
: Monitoring AUDIT
: Use of the LABEL
: BENEFITS of Membership

GS: Know More... additional information that might be useful when you get ready to tackle the GS process.

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WFTO membership & Guarantee system (GS)

Membership of WFTO gives producers the opportunity to use the WFTO Guarantee System (GS) label on their products.

This is particularly valuable for producers of handicrafts : it immediately differentiates their product as "Guaranteed Fair Trade" - its an invaluable re-assurance for customers.

The WFTO Guarantee System is a whole supply-chain approach : it is at the core of WFTO's commitment to equitable trade from the producer to the end consumer.

The WFTO Guarantee System guarantees the organisation, rather than commodities or specific products or produce. In other words, if a producer is Guaranteed Fair Trade, it does not matter whether they farm coffee or bananas or produce painted leather wallets or woven shawls - if the organisation trades fairly, they can be Guaranteed Fair Trade.

Membership Process

Organizations wishing to join WFTO need to apply for membership and they are required to demonstrate compliance with the WFTO Standard.

Any producer or trader organization that is committed to Fair Trade (in line with the WFTO principles), has been in businss for more than 2 years and can demonstrate a sound track record from a social, economic, cultural and environmental point of view, can apply. Fair Trade support organisations and development or donor organizations can join WFTO as Associate Members.

Applying for Membership


are available from the WFTO Website
or from WFTO Africa & Middle East Office.

How to maintain membership to WFTO

Existing WFTO Members are required to follow the following steps in order to fulfill the requirements of the WFTO Guarantee System, maintain their membership with WFTO and be able to use the WFTO Product Label: -
1. Complete the WFTO Profile Form

The WFTO Profile Form is available on WFTO website. Members can also request the same from the Regional Office. Please ensure that you fill the form completely and provide all the data and documents requested.

2. Self -Assessment Reports

The WFTO Guarantee System comes with a NEW form for Self Assessment Reporting (SAR), although its schedule remains every 2 years like was the case with the previous system.

Member Organizations do not need to wait until their Self Assessment Reports are due before they complete a new one to become a WFTO Guaranteed Fair Trade member.


Peer Visit

Within 1 Year of submitting a SAR, a member organization must organize for Peer Visit. However, members do not need to wait a year. Members can arrange for a Peer Visit immediately after submitting their SAR.

A member may propose any three other member organizations as their Peer Visitors. WFTO will select one of the three nominated organisations to be the peer visitor.

Monitoring audit

Within 1 Year of receiving the Peer Visit report, the member organization must organize their Monitoring Audit. Again, like in the case of the Peer Visit, an organization does not have to wait a year before undertaking the external audit, it can be done sooner.

WFTO is in the process of building local pools of External Auditors in readiness for the exercise. Members need to budget for the cost of the external audit.  An estimate - going by the pilots carried out under the Guarantee System, the audit cost for small compact organizations will average 700 Euros. For larger, more complex organisations, the cost will obviously be more.

Subsequent SAR, Peer Visits and External Audit

Upon evaluating your SAR, Peer Visit and External Audit Reports, WFTO will be in a position to set a 10-year a monitoring schedule for your organizations, whose frequency will depend on the level of risk. Since this is the first evaluation and monitoring cycle for all organisations, everyone will be on the High Risk - i.e. every alternating 2 year cycle.

The table shows the WFTO Guarantee System Cycle for Trading Organizations


Low Risk

Medium Risk

High Risk

Self Assessment

Every 2 years

Every 2 years

Every 2 years

Peer Visit

Every 4 years; after 2 good audits/visits reduced to every 6 years

Every 4 years
(Alternating with Audit)

Every 2 years
(Alternating with Audit)

Monitoring Audit

Every 4 years; after 2 good audits/visits reduced to every 6 years

Every 4 years
(Alternating with Peer visit)

Every 2 years
(Alternating with Peer visit)


Use of the label

Members who have complied with all their obligations of the WFTO Guarantee System and have been approved through the process, and signed the contract for the use of the WFTO Product Label, can use the Guaranteed Fair Trade label on their products.

Note: How soon organizations are able to use the WFTO Guarantee Label will depend on how quickly they can accomplish each of the stages outlined in the Guarantee System.


The WFTO Guarantee System is new and while the team tried really hard to provide comprehensive guidance, it is impossible to anticipate every eventuality. Please contact the Regional Office or the GS Manager with queries.

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